Energy Harvesting Devices
(Compact Generators)


Compact and self-charged high efficient vibration-driven Energy Harvesting Device


  • Types : Vibration, Handshaking, Slide, Force Drive
  • Electric power generation
    : 15 mWrms (1 G / 20 Hz) , 30 mWrms (by handshaking)
    : 68 mWrms (by Slide) , 2013 mWrms (by Force Drive)
  • Power generation efficiency : more than 10 %
  • Size : 46 x 36 x 20 mm (min)
  • Features

    1.Various Product Rollouts

    • Small independent power source for wireless sensor networks, night LED lighting or  security system.
    • Auxiliary power source for longer battery life.


    2.Reduced Maintenance Costs

    • Continuous energy supply without charging or fueling.
    • Reduced battery cost and replacement cost.
    • Enabled for dangerous environments.



    • On-demand energy supply (as needed).
    • Non disposal and non recyclable.
    • Re-usable energy.

    ※These products are under development. Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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      Energy Harvesting Devices