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The Master Cord Assemblies are the best possible cable assemblies that can be manufactured offering the lowest possible optical losses used for measuring optical properties of various Optical Device. Typically the cables are terminated with FC, SC, MU and LC Connectors on one end and an APC Connector terminated on the other end.

There are three types of Master Cord Assemblies as follows; the first is a Master Cord with Optical Master Connectors. Its Core Eccentricity is tuned to less than 0.5 um in order to measure the Insertion Loss. The second Master Cord is specifically designed for Return Loss Measurement. This Master Cord is optimally polished and finished with a low reflection. The third is an Off Set Master Cord for simplifying and tuning the fiber core when the connectors are being terminated.

All of our Optical Cords with Master Connectors are composed of our top quality Zirconia Ferrules and Connector Housings ensuring a stable performance at a high quality level. Our Master Cord Assemblies can be delivered within a short lead time with the lowest prices available.

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