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Zirconia Capillary

Zirconia Capillary

The Zirconia Capillaries’ main function is to align or connect various types of optical Device and modules. Since zirconia capillaries are manufactured by the same injection molding process as our standard ferrules, stable performance of the capillary is then ensured.

We do not only provide capillaries by themselves, but with metal housings or ferrule assemblies which are manufactured by press fitting capillaries into highly weldable Stainless Steel Materials such as SUS 304, 403, 316, and L Metals. There are various OD Capillary Configurations such as φ1.8mm, φ2.0mm, φ2.5mm and φ3.0mm.
We can also manufacture a dual hole capillary which is designed for better connection with functional optical switches or Device built-in with optical filters.

Appearance: Zirconia Capillary

Capillaryφ1.1mm Capillaryφ1.4mm Dual_Hole_Capillaryφ1.4mm
Capillaryφ1.1mm Capillaryφ1.4mm Dual Hole Capillaryφ1.4mm

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Zirconia Capillary