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Custom Ferrule
(Long Ferrule/ Short Ferrule
Various ID Shapes/
Various ID Sizes)

Custom Ferrule

There are two types of long ferrules consisting of φ2.5mm and φ1.25mm Outer Diameters. We can accommodate any ferrule specification such as the length and ferrule Inner Diameter.

Precise connections of the long ferrules are achieved by polishing both ends of the ferrule similar to the concentricity of a singlemode ferrule. By this process, optical Device can be connected without any functional failure.

We can also provide various types of custom configurations such as ferrules with slots to improve and make the connection easier. We can also manufacture to special ferrule configurations and requirements to meet your application needs.

Appearance: Custom Ferrule

Long Ferrule

Long_Ferruleφ1.25mm Long_Ferruleφ2.5mm ロングフェルールφ2.5mm
Long Ferruleφ1.25mm Long Ferruleφ2.5mm  


Various ID Shapes/ Various ID Sizes

Square_Holeφ1.25mm Large_Holeφ2.5mm Dual_Holeφ2.5mm

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Custom Ferrule