Precision Processing Components

By taking advantage of our precision processing techniques, we can manufacture various types of components for precision instruments.

Our original processing technique was the maufacture “Jewel Bearings” for the Watch Industry. A high micron level of processing using hard ruby was required for Jewel Bearing Manufacturing. We first established our “High Precision Processing Technology” by making a 10mm hole and polishing the small rubies. Soon, mass production of these rubies with high accuracy became possible by using our “High Precision Processing Technology.”

We then continued our development and applied the same technology to other products such as Wire Bonding Parts like Capillaries, Bonding Wedges and Wire Tension Tools. Other products for the Medical Industry consisted of Ruby Knives and Pellets. In addition, Sensing Pins for measuring material surface on a nano scale level were also developed. All of these products required our high accurate processing technology of hard materials.

We also have the ability to manufacture custom configurations using hard materials if required in order to meet your application needs.