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The FC Connectors and Adapters are considered to be old-line products and are widely used all over the world. These connectors are composed of φ2.5 mm OD Zirconia Ferrules and metal parts. The connection is made by the metal threaded coupling nut being screwed into place.

Our FC Connectors are of excellent quality with high fiber insertion stability and a precise polishing process assuring that the quality will always be the same no matter when the ferrules are manufactured.

Ferrule Inspection Data Sheets are provided with every FC Connector Kit that is shipped. By using our top quality zirconia split sleeves, we can also ensure a stable connection and performance when using our FC Connectors along with our Adapters.

Appearance: FC Connector, FC Adapter

FC SM Connector φ0.9mm FC SM Connector φ2.0mm FC Adapter
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FC Connector
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