Fiber Optic Components

Plug-in Converter


Optical Plug-In Converters connect different kinds of connector types ensuring a low connection loss. The Plug In Converter consists of a plug and jack at the both ends. The plug side (Male Side) consists of the same configuration as an SC Connector and the jack side (Female Side) consists of the same configuration as an LC or MU Connector. The Plug-In Converter can be used by inserting the SC Side (Male Side) into a transceiver or instrument which has an SC Adapter configuration and the other end (Female Side) can be converted to an MU or LC configuration.

Our Plug-In Adapters for LC-SC and MU-SC type configurations are composed of special converting ferrules. These converters are of high reliability, low insertion loss, and stable mating durability.

All of our Plug-In Adapters are composed of our own top quality Zirconia Ferrules and Split Sleeves ensuring stable performance at a high quality level.

Insertion Loss Distribution / Mating Repeatablility

Specially selected ferrules providing low insertion loss and mating reoeatability


Appearance: Plug-in Converter

LC-SC Plug-in Converter MU-SC Plug-in Converter